new game channel videos are out and available to watch go give them a watch and subscribe if you haven’t already

Here is some random bits and bobs from my friends and i game session hope you enjoy the random shit that happens

More vidja games are on my game channel so check them out the game channel is if you have a youtube account you should subscribe and watch my videos hehe

more videos on my game channel here is one if you want to see more click on my name on the video or hit the subscribe annotation in the video to sub to my channel if you want to see more of my gameplays

havent had time to post the links to videos the past couple of days and since its a lot of videos i wont post them all i will just post this one and say hey look new game check it out its a fun game and quite funny too in its own way. but also if you watch my video go through and check out the videos i didnt send a message online for

a new fez video is out and also i think i forgot to post the videos from last night so feel free to look in my list of videos and have a watch if you missed something i didnt post

so here is a random new video i took bits and pieces of things i thought were funny from when me and my friends were playing and put it in this little collection, i will be doing this from time to time, although these do take a bit longer to edit cause we usually will have about 1-4 hours of footage recorded so i have to actually go through and watch it all and see if there is anything worth saving but expect this to come out every now and again and sometime we might even do a actual lets play, most likely when heist mode comes out then im sure we will be doing a lot of lets plays in that

so here is a last min video i made today its another spelunky daily which i havent done in a while it was a pretty good run till i fucked up and funny part is i called it that i would fuck up then too haha

oh snap its getting close to the end of lone survivor there is only one more video after this one, so if you havent watched any of these or you never seen this game played all the way through then you might want to start a marathon soon.